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SLA Pole

SiteLink Extruded Aluminum Pole System

Intended Use: Lighting Post for city streetscapes, public areas and parks, higher education campuses, residential developments, paths and walkways.

Features: SiteLink by Holophane reduces site clutter with its integrated Modular TracPole System. A unique aluminum extrusion design provides integrated wire ways inside the system and a convenient, adjustable and attractive platform for mounting a variety of pole accessories. SiteLink poles come in both Fluted and Non-Fluted styles to meet a variety of architectural needs from modern to historical. Note that many of the other pole styles in our portfolio also offer the SiteLink extruded shaft as an option versus standard shafts. Please refer to the spec sheets of each Holophane pole style to determine availability of the SiteLink shaft within the respective pole families.

- Construction: Extruded aluminum
- Shaft Style: Smooth straight or fluted straight
- Mounting: Anchor base (Flat smooth or shoe base)
- Shaft Size: 5"; 5.75" or 8.5"
- Base Size: 11", 13", 16.5" or 18.5"
- Height: 8'-30'

Product overview and specifications
Architectural Style Historical, Transitional
Brand Name Holophane
Environment Outdoor
Product Type Pole
Series SLA
Spec Sheets
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Technical Files
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