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Holophane luminaires meet specific needs on roof deck of Oregon parking plaza

LEDgend™ and Petrolux® LED fixtures control light, slash energy & maintenance costs

Bend Centennial Parking Plaza in downtown Bend, Oregon provides parking for shoppers and local businesses and offers valet parking for the adjoining Oxford Hotel. Because of the level of traffic within the 551-space garage and the Oxford Hotel’s upscale nature, city officials were concerned about the aesthetics of the lighting system selected for a recent retrofit on the structure’s roof deck.

After considering various options, the city replaced the previous 42 metal halide luminaires with eight LEDgend™ LED and six Petrolux® LED fixtures from Holophane®, saving the city 27,550 kilowatts each year.

“We selected the Holophane luminaires because we could efficiently light the roof deck and reduce energy and maintenance costs,” said Jeff Datwyler, former downtown manager for the City of Bend. “Downtown Bend also has a dark skies lighting code, which dictated that we limit the uplight and illumination on adjoining properties.”

Featuring an open canopy, the Type V Petrolux LED luminaires are ceiling mounted and fastened to the solar panel superstructure. The fixtures are angled downward to illuminate the garage’s center ramp and part of the upper deck on each side of the ramp.

Eight pole mounted LEDgend fixtures with forward throw optics are mounted along the roof deck’s outside perimeter to illuminate the entire rooftop, with two new square steel poles installed to match the six existing poles used with the original lighting system. The 16’4” poles are mounted on a four-foot wall so they stand 20 feet above the garage deck, which has deterred vandalism.

“The previous luminaires were flush mounted in the concrete wall and we had a tremendous problem with kids breaking the fixture glass,” said Grant Burke, facilities manager for the City of Bend. “Fixture location also resulted in dark spots within the garage. A vehicle parked in front of a luminaire prevented the light from shining in other areas.”

Illumination levels are presently 2.4 footcandles, with luminaires controlled by a photocell. According to Datwyler, the parking garage adjoins a workforce housing facility with a four-story atrium facing the garage, which raised concerns about light trespass. The LEDgend fixtures include a louvered Uplight Shield to prevent light from shining into the atrium and onto other properties.

“The city has received very favorable comments about the lighting system,” Datwyler said. “The fixtures provide user friendly light distribution to create a safer environment. They are also weather tight, which allows them to withstand the temperature extremes common to this area.”