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Indoor Food and Beverage Solutions

From grease and oil to high-pressure wash downs, food processing environments are demanding. Getting the lighting right is critical for success and contributes to a clean, safe and visually effective workplace.

Indoor Lighting and Controls

Our lighting and controls solutions meet USDA, FDA and NSF luminaire construction requirements. They deliver superior optical performance while requiring fewer luminaires and less wattage than traditional solutions.
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Indoor Food and Beverage Applications

Task Lighting

Industrial task lighting products let you place light where you need it most — to aid safety, quality control and operator productivity.

Production Floor

For demanding industrial lighting applications, our solutions are tough enough to handle your challenging environment, while meeting all food industry regulations.

Cold Storage

Holophane® cold-storage LED lighting provides energy and maintenance savings over fluorescent lighting while supporting employee productivity with quality task lighting and accurate color rendering.


Indoor Featured Products

Vantage® LED

The Vantage LED luminaire exceeds rigorous demands of food-processing plants and related areas. Its sloped shape and ultra-sleek, corrosion-resistant finish repel water and provide no place for food, dirt or debris to hide.

EMW LED Series

The EMW LED luminaire with 5VA-rated fiberglass housing performs in the extremes of food-processing and cold-storage applications. Its watershed design keeps water, dirt and debris from building up, making cleanup easy and quick.


Specially designed for wet, damp and cold-storage locations, the vapor-tight EMS LED luminaire withstands rugged environments and is available in 4-foot (L48) and 8-foot (L96) lengths.

Outdoor Food and Beverage Solutions

Holophane lighting solutions can help food-processing facilities enhance safety and security through improved illumination while also helping to lower costs related to lighting operation and maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting and Controls

Our outdoor LED solutions typically reduce energy costs by 60% or more over HID fixtures and can significantly decrease lighting maintenance and the associated expenses.

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Outdoor Food and Beverage Applications

Building Exteriors

Our Wallpack LED product line provides low-maintenance, energy-efficient solutions for building exteriors and doorways throughout the entire facility.

Parking Lots

From high-mast systems to traditional cobra-head or flood luminaires, we can provide you a wide array of LED solutions suited specifically to the size and shape of your facility parking areas.

Access and Service Roads

Access and service roads on your site can be illuminated with roadway products that can provide up to 70% energy savings over HID while reducing maintenance by at least 50%.

Outdoor Featured Products


Mongoose® LED

The Mongoose LED luminaire provides significant energy and maintenance savings compared to HID luminaires and offers the ultimate in application flexibility for area lighting.

Wallpack LED

Ever since Holophane invented and trademarked the very first Wallpack luminaire, we have been offering visually comfortable, prismatic wall-mounted luminaires that outperform our competition.

Predator® LED

Offering three sizes and multiple lumen packages, the Predator LED flood luminaire provides significant energy and maintenance savings compared to HID luminaires in crane lighting and other flood applications.



Food Processing Lighting Guide

Your guide to lighting applications and products for a variety of demanding applications in food processing facilities.

Birds Eye Foods Case Study

Case study featuring the Holophane Petrolux® LED luminaire in the Birds Eye food processing facility in Waseca, Minnesota.

Monsanto Case Study

Case study featuring the Holophane Phuzion™ PHZ LED luminaire in the Monsanto food processing facility in Grinnell, Iowa.

Future-proofing Your Building's Lighting

White paper showing why you should future-proof building management infrastructure when investing in LED systems.