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Food Processing Lighting

Optical, electronic, and thermal management technologies for your food and beverage processing facilities.

High visibility and well-distributed lighting is required in all food processing facilities that can withstand daily wash downs. Solutions from Holophane meet needs addressing lighting uniformity, color rendering, vertical illumination, durability and special ceilings. These luminaires help to create safer, more sanitary and usable environments while providing effective and energy efficient solutions for food processing customers.

Food Processing Lighting Solutions

Look to us for support and reliable products that will aid in safety, promote productivity, reduce energy costs, and have a positive impact on the environment. Leverage some of the world’s most respected brands in lighting and intelligent spaces and choose from a broad product portfolio to meet the needs of every space of your food and beverage facility. Explore our product recommendations for each space.

Lighting Controls – Maximize Your Return​

Featured Solutions for Food Processing Facilities

Food Processing Certifications and Ratings

Holophane luminaires developed for areas requiring NSF certification are expressly designed to assure that bacteria and molds have no crevices or recesses in which to thrive. Surfaces are constructed of a non-toxic material, and all openings are sealed and gasketed. Public health officials and other regulatory agencies recognize NSF’s formally registered trademark. Holophane’s NSF Certified models help make it easy to maintain sanitary conditions in your facility.

Hazardous Ratings

Hazardous ratings such as ingress protection (IP), hazardous classifications, and T-codes help you to understand what environmental factors a luminaire can withstand. Understanding this information can help you make the best lighting decisions for your hazardous environment.

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