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Indoor Manufacturing Solutions

Holophane® manufacturing solutions help you run at full capacity and improve your bottom line by supporting safety, energy savings and operational efficiency. Maximize your productivity with our heavy-duty, energy-efficient manufacturing lighting solutions.

Indoor Lighting and Controls

Holophane® LED high-bay lighting is practically maintenance-free and is designed to work with controls, sensors and other building management systems to help you keep your manufacturing lines running.
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Indoor Manufacturing Applications

Hazardous or Extreme Condition

In demanding industrial spaces, it's essential to have high-quality, reliable lighting where maintenance and safety are added concerns. Holophane® luminaires are designed to protect internal components and optimize lighting performance.

Task Lighting

Industrial task lighting products let you place light where you need it most — to aid safety, quality control and operator productivity.

Manufacturing Floor

Holophane® LED high-bay lighting is practically maintenance-free and is designed to work with controls, sensors and other building management systems to help you keep your manufacturing lines running.


Indoor Featured Products

Phuzion™ PHZ LED High Bay

The Phuzion™ PHZ LED luminaire takes high-bay lighting to new levels of lumen output and temperature tolerance. It combines the latest in LED technology with our prismatic borosilicate glass to deliver 12,000-45,000 lumens in a single fixture.

Phuzion™ PHS LED High Bay

The Phuzion™ PHS LED high bay is designed with intentional uplighting, in addition to traditional downlighting, to reduce glare and visual contrast, essentially eliminating the cave-like atmosphere of high-bay applications.

Petrolux® HPLED Hazardous Location Luminaire

The NEMA-rated HPLED fixture provides superior horizontal and vertical lighting distribution, so fewer fixtures are needed in the space. Rugged construction and highly engineered thermo-electronics bring longevity to its components.

Outdoor Manufacturing Solutions

Holophane lighting solutions can help manufacturing facilities enhance safety and security through improved illumination while also helping to lower related operational costs.

Outdoor Lighting and Controls

Our Outdoor LED solutions typically reduce energy costs by 60% or more over HID fixtures and can significantly decrease lighting maintenance and the associated costs.

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Outdoor Manufacturing Applications

Outdoor Manufacturing Areas
Our durable high-mast systems are the perfect solution for very large outdoor industrial areas, petrochemical facilities, and other industrial sites where safety and productivity are important.
Building Exteriors
Our Wallpack LED product line offers low-maintenance, energy-efficient solutions for building exteriors and doorways throughout the entire facility.
Parking Lots
From high-mast systems to traditional cobra-head or flood luminaires, we can provide you a wide array of LED solutions suited specifically to the size and shape of your facility parking areas.
Access and Service Roads
Access and service roads on your site can be illuminated with roadway products that can provide up to 70% energy savings over HID while reducing maintenance by at least 50%.

Outdoor Featured Products



The innovative Holophane HMAO LED III uses a modular chip design to provide a light-weight solution with up to 77% energy savings and 50% maintenance savings over traditional HID high-mast products.

Predator® LED

Offering three sizes and multiple lumen packages, the Predator LED flood luminaire provides significant energy and maintenance savings compared to HID luminaires in crane lighting and other flood applications.

Wallpack LED

Ever since Holophane invented and trademarked the very first Wallpack luminaire, we have been offering visually comfortable, prismatic wall-mounted luminaires that outperform our competition.



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