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Municipal Market Solutions

With our broad portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting and control solutions, the Holophane® brand is uniquely suited to meeting the lighting needs of municipalities, villages and other local governments.

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Outdoor Municipal Solutions

Our outdoor municipal solutions include everything from lighting for roadway and parking areas to flood and security lighting, all designed to enhance safety with improved illumination and to reduce operational costs.

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Outdoor Lighting and Controls

Whether you have a downtown renovation project, need to light a new residential development or want to upgrade a city parking garage, we have a solution for any outdoor application you may have.

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Outdoor Municipal Applications

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Downtown Streets
We offer a deep portfolio of outdoor lighting solutions to enhance downtown streetscapes with period architectural LED luminaires and poles, helping each city create its own signature and build civic pride.

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Commercial Districts
Commercial and shopping districts can become more inviting for drivers and pedestrians as a result of the enhanced visibility that Holophane LED lighting solutions can provide.

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Residential Streets
Period post-top LED luminaires can beautify residential neighborhoods while providing your city a reliable, energy-efficient lighting solution that helps minimize maintenance and operating costs.

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Parking Lot and Garage
From parking lots to parking garages, we can provide reliable, energy-efficient LED solutions that improve illumination to help enhance safety and visual comfort for drivers and pedestrians.

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Building Exterior
We offer a full selection of LED solutions — ranging from wall packs to a variety of floodlighting choices for façade or security applications — to improve the exterior lighting of municipal buildings.

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Parks and Rec
Beautify parks and recreation areas with Holophane period architectural LED lighting solutions that can improve visibility to help enhance visitor safety, while reducing time spent on maintenance and repair.

Outdoor Featured Products


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Streets & Highways Lighting Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor LED lighting and controls solutions for a variety of street & highway applications

El Paso TX Case Study Video

Engaging success story of an integrated lighting solution from Holophane, AEL and Acuity Controls ROAM in the city of El Paso, TX.

Pittsfield MA Case Study

Learn why the city of Pittsfield, MA selected Holophane Tear Drop LED luminaires to revitalize their downtown area.