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Parks and Recreation Solutions

From decorative street, walkway and area lighting to functional perimeter and security products, we can offer you the right luminaire for the job, enhanced with networked monitoring and diagnostics.

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Indoor Parks and Recreation Solutions

From the facilities you depend on, such as admin offices and activity centers, to sports facilities with ice or water, Holophane® indoor lighting solutions have you covered.

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Indoor Lighting and Controls

Holophane® indoor lighting solutions help you to provide the right light for the right application. LED lighting and controls help you optimize it for responsiveness and energy savings.

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Indoor Parks and Recreation Applications

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Community Buildings
Create multiple layers of light and control flexibility to meet the needs of the varying light requirements in multipurpose meeting spaces.

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Basketball Courts
Durable LED lighting solutions provide quality lighting with uniform light levels and responsive controls to ensure the players and spectators can enjoy the game.

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Indoor Pools
LED luminaires and controls designed and certified to operate safely in wet and warm environments provide the ideal solution for indoor pools.

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Sports Arenas
Helping to keep your game illuminated, Holophane® LED luminaires are designed to provide quality vertical light levels while keeping horizontal lighting strong and uniform.

Restrooms jpg

Simple lighting and control solutions ensure bathrooms are well illuminated and, with motion sensing control options, the lights are on only when needed.

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Corridors and Stairwells
Well-illuminated corridors and stairwells enhance visibility and provide a sense of comfort for individuals moving through campus buildings. Strip lights and emergency lighting ensure these paths of egress are illuminated when you need them most.

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Emergency Lighting
It's about life. Our emergency lighting solutions help meet your application requirements (NFPA 101 Life Safety Code compliance, aesthetics, demanding environment, etc.) while offering easy installation and maintenance.

Indoor Featured Products

Outdoor Parks and Recreation Solutions

Proper lighting for parks and recreation can improve the overall daytime aesthetic appeal of outdoor facilities in addition to providing patrons a greater sense of safety and security in evening hours.

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Outdoor Lighting and Controls

Our long-life, energy-efficient outdoor lighting and controls solutions are designed to meet the lighting needs of your site while also decreasing your energy and maintenance costs.

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Outdoor Parks and Recreation Applications

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Park Roadways
Holophane period-style post-top LED luminaires can beautify your park while providing a reliable, energy-efficient platform that helps minimize maintenance and operating costs.

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Walkways and Pathways
Our decorative outdoor LED lighting solutions are available in pedestrian scale and mounting heights perfectly suited to the sidewalks, walkways and running paths in your park.

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Sports and Recreation
Sports and Recreation Holophane large-area LED lighting solutions can provide energy savings, low maintenance, long life and visually comfortable illumination, compared to traditional light sources.

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Parking Lot and Garage
For parking lots and parking garages, our reliable, energy-efficient LED solutions can improve illumination to help enhance safety and visual comfort for drivers and pedestrians.

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Building Exterior
Choose our wall-mounted LED solutions to improve the exterior lighting of restroom, administrative and maintenance buildings in your park.

Outdoor Featured Products


OCLG1 jpg
Outdoor Controls Lighting Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor lighting controls and LED luminaires from Acuity Brands.

PUBLG1 jpg
Public Lighting Guide

Your guide to outdoor lighting applications and products for a variety of public lighting applications.

SCSG1 jpg
Building Smart Cities and Smart Grids

Brief overview on smart cities and smart grids for a successful and efficient future infrastructure.

Outdoor Environmental Lighting Guide - Vol 1

Volume one of a two volume lighting guide to all things outdoor such as fundamentals, design considerations and application challenges.