Lowest Total Cost of
Lighting Ownership

Lighting can account for a substantial portion of an organization’s operational costs. These costs are a combination of initial purchase cost, installation costs, energy consumption, maintenance and often even safety issues. Holophane® designs and manufactures industry-leading solutions to address all of these expenses to offer the lowest total cost of ownership for your lighting needs.


A Proud History of Embracing Challenge

For nearly 125 years Holophane has been providing indoor and outdoor lighting customers with solutions that meet or exceed a whole host of demanding challenges. Challenges that reach far beyond lighting performance and into environmental and physical stress. The old motto from the Holophane team is, “the hotter, dirtier or wetter the environment, the more you need our product." That’s why industrial and infrastructure customers around the world turn to Holophane when lighting roadways, tunnels, ports, heavy industrial, petrochem or wastewater facilities.


You present the challenge, and we’ll answer the call.



Performance, Reliability and Visual Comfort

The Holophane difference begins with unparalleled performance but extends even further through reliable, long lasting system life. Furthermore, at the core of the Holophane value proposition is a commitment to visual comfort in our lighting solutions. Ever since the Holophane invention of prismatic glass optics in the 19th century, our expert design team has been providing lighting products with a wholly luminous appearance that provides sparkling beauty by day and visual comfort by night. Watch our Outdoor Lighting Portfolio video to learn more!


Enjoy a Consultative Experience from a True Factory Direct Salesforce

One of the most important benefits of choosing Holophane lies in our unique consultative approach to sales and service. Holophane fields a national force of factory direct sales representatives that are highly trained experts in lighting design and application. They can assist you as much as needed to ensure you have the right solution for the job. For utilities, we partner with a network of the industry’s best and most dedicated utility lighting agents that understand the unique needs of their customers.

Inside Holophane's Prismatic Glass

Discover the people, passion, and pride behind Holophane's prismatic borosilicate glass – proudly manufactured in Newark, Ohio and used across infrastructure and industrial lighting applications to deliver superior optical performance.