Case Studies

Browse our collection of case studies, which include a variety of educational and informative subjects. Read about real-world examples of many of Holophane's past successes in providing quality products and unique solutions to many satisfied customers.


Before and After LED at Husky Terminal of Tacoma
Holophane LED high-mast and flood lighting solutions were used to relight the Husky Terminal in Tacoma, Washington with dramatic results.
CoffeeCreek jpg
Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
Holophane® and AEL® help Coffee Creek Correctional Facility to reduce energy and maintenance cost, while empowering inmates with job skills.
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility

Case study on a Holophane LED lighting renovation at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Indiana.

Fort Benning

Case study video featuring a range of Holophane and AEL outdoor lighting solutions at the Fort Benning army base in Georgia.

Sacramento Airport

Case study explaining how Sacramento International Airport landed SMUD funding with the HMAO™ LED high mast lighting system.

Port of LA

Case study video on how the Port of LA reduced operational costs and enhanced productivity and safety with HMAO™ LED high mast lighting.

NE Regional Sewer District

Case study video on how Ohio's Northeast Regional Sewer District upgraded it's facility with an LED lighting and controls renovation.

Plainfield jpg
Planfield Correctional Facility
LED Lighting Improves Visibility and Security at the Plainfield Correctional Facility in Indiana.
San-Jose-Case-Study jpg
San Jose Parkpak LED Case Study
Holophane® Parkpak® LED luminaires drive savings for San Jose's Busiest Parking Garage.
Seattle jpg
Port of Seattle
Case study video on how the Port of Seattle reduced operational costs and enhanced productivity and safety with HMAO™ LED high mast lighting.


City of Philadelphia
Learn how the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is saving over 39 million kilowatt-hours by upgrading their streetlights to lighting and controls solutions from Acuity Brands.
Knoxville Relights the Streets
Case study on LED relight project for City of Knoxville, TN using Holophane and AEL products.
queen-creek-tunnel jpg
Queens Creek Tunnel

Case study on why the decision to replace the current HPS lights with Holophane's TunnelPass LED proved successful achieving significant energy and maintenance savings.

Austin Energy

Learn how Austin Energy switched their outdoor lighting over to a smart LED network to save energy and reduce operating costs.

charleston-roadways jpg
Charleston Roadway Lighting

Learn how the Holophane HMAO™ LED high mast solution helped West Virginia to improve their roadway lighting.

El Paso, TX

Engaging success story of an integrated lighting solution from Holophane, AEL and Acuity Controls ROAM in the city of El Paso, TX.

Whittier Tunnel
Case study on a Holophane LED relight project in the Whittier Tunnel, Alaska.
grays-bridge-mn jpg
Grays Bridge, MN

Case study on how Minnesota City installs Holophane LED luminaires to light bridge in Posh Lakeside community.

Pittsfield, MA

Learn why the city of Pittsfield, MA selected Holophane Tear Drop LED luminaires to revitalize their downtown area.

fountain-city-hall jpg
Fountain City Hall

Case study featuring how LED lighting makes Fountain City Hall a Focal Point.

rothschild-wi jpg
Rothschild, WI

Case study of how the Village of Rothschild installed Holophane Tear Drop LED luminaires to bring traffic Downtown.

detroit-renovation jpg
Detroit Renovaion

Case study on how Holophane GranVille LED luminaires were selected for Detroit Renovation Projects.

Yerba Buena Tunnel CA

Case study featuring the Holophane TunnelPass LED™ luminaire used by Caltrans in the Bay Bridge Tunnel on I-80 at Yerba Buena Island.

city-canton-oh-roadway jpg
City of Canton OH

Learn how HMAO LED II luminaires allowed the city of Canton to improve driver safety while significantly reducing operating costs.

yountville jpg
Yountville, CA
Learn why the Napa Valley Town installed GlasWerks LED fixtures to reduce energy, bolster safety.



Case study featuring a range of Acuity Brands indoor and outdoor lighting & controls products in a Steelscape manufacturing facility.

Monsanto Grinell, IA

Case study featuring the Holophane Phuzion™ PHZ LED luminaire in the Monsanto food processing facility in Grinnell, Iowa.

TVA Magnolia Power Plant

Case study featuring a range of Holophane solutions in the TVA Magnolia Power Plant in Ashland, Miss.