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Lighting Guides

Holophane's Lighting Guides will help you get started in finding the right solutions for a variety of market and/or industry applications.

HighBay_Guide jpg

Holophane Industrial Portfolio

A comprehensive guide to the Industrial LED Products offered in the Holophane Portfolio.

StreetHighwayGuide jpg

Street & Highways Lighting Guide

LED lighting application guide for for all street lighting from rural to high-speed roadways.

Ports_Guide jpg

Ports & Rail Lighting Guide

Informative guide to outdoor energy-efficient LED lighting solutions in seaports and railyards.

HighBay_Guide jpg

Industrial LED High Bay Lighting Guide

Educational application guide for safe and efficient lighting with LED High Bay solutions.

Military_Guide jpg

Military Facilities Lighting Guide

Highly informative LED lighting and controls guide for a variety of applications in military facilities.

SignLight_Guide jpg

Outdoor LED Sign Lighting Guide

Brief guide to optimal LED lighting practices for outdoor advertising (billboard) applications.

OutdoorControlsGuide_thumb2 jpg

Outdoor LED Controls Guide

Your guide to Acuity Brands lighting controls as they relate to Holophane and AEL outdoor luminaires.

LG-Hazardous jpg

Hazardous Lighting Guide

Lighting application guide for safe and efficient lighting of a variety of hazardous and demanding environments.

LG-Transporation jpg

Transportation Lighting Guide

Lighting considerations and guidelines for successfully lighting a variety of roadway and transportation applications.

LG-Govt-Homeland-Security jpg

Govt & Homeland Security Lighting Capabilities Guide

Guide to government and infrastructure outdoor lighting for large areas, roadways and homeland security.

LG-Lighting-Renovation jpg

Lighting Renovation Guide

Guide to lighting renovation includes economics, methods, environmental considerations and products.

LG-Public-Lighting jpg

Public Lighting Guide

Guide for Infrastructure and Utility lighting and controls in public outdoor spaces from pedestrian areas to roadways.

LG-Food-Processing jpg

Food Processing Lighting Guide

Lighting design considerations, standards, challenges and solutions for the food processing industry.

LG-Correctional-Facilities jpg

Correctional Facilities Outdoor LED Lighting Guide

Introduction to correctional facilities LED lighting and controls solutions from Holophane and AEL.

LG-College-and-University jpg

College & University Lighting Guide

Guide to lighting basics, challenges, solutions and projects as they relate to colleges and universities.

LG-Homebuilders jpg

Homebuilders Lighting Guide

Your guide to area and roadway lighting in housing developments and other residential areas.

LG-Outdoor-Environmental-v1 jpg

Outdoor Environmental Lighting Guide - VOL 1

Volume One of our information-packed, comprehensive Outdoor Environmental Lighting Guide.

LG-Outdoor-Environmental-v2 jpg

Outdoor Environmental Lighting Guide - VOL 2

Volume Two of our information-packed, comprehensive Outdoor Environmental Lighting Guide.

WaterFacilities_Guide jpg

Water Treatment Facilities Lighting Guide

Your LED lighting guide for water and wastewater treatment facilities with efficient LED solutions.