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Street & Highways
Lighting Guide
LED lighting application guide for for all street lighting from rural to high-speed roadways.
Water Treatment Facilities
Lighting Guide
Your LED lighting guide for water and wastewater treatment facilities with efficient LED solutions.
Ports & Rail Lighting Guide
Informative guide to outdoor energy-efficient LED lighting solutions in seaports and railyards.
Industrial LED High Bay
Lighting Guide
Educational application guide for safe and efficient lighting with LED High Bay solutions.
Military Facilities
Lighting Guide
Highly informative LED lighting and controls guide for a variety of applications in military facilities.
Outdoor LED Sign
Lighting Guide
Brief guide to optimal LED lighting practices for outdoor advertising (billboard) applications.
Outdoor LED Controls Guide

Your guide to Acuity Brands lighting controls as they relate to Holophane and AEL outdoor luminaires.

Hazardous Lighting Guide

Lighting application guide for safe and efficient lighting of a variety of hazardous and demanding environments.

Transportation Lighting Guide

Lighting considerations and guidelines for successfully lighting a variety of roadway and transportation applications.

Govt & Homeland Security
Lighting Capabilities Guide

Guide to government and infrastructure outdoor lighting for large areas, roadways and homeland security.

Lighting Renovation Guide

Guide to lighting renovation includes economics, methods, environmental considerations and products.

Public Lighting Guide

Guide for Infrastructure and Utility lighting and controls in public outdoor spaces from pedestrian areas to roadways.

Food Processing Lighting Guide

Lighting design considerations, standards, challenges and solutions for the food processing industry.

Correctional Facilities
Outdoor LED Lighting Guide

Introduction to correctional facilities LED lighting and controls solutions from Holophane and AEL.

College & University Lighting Guide

Guide to lighting basics, challenges, solutions and projects as they relate to colleges and universities.

Homebuilders Lighting Guide

Your guide to area and roadway lighting in housing developments and other residential areas.

Outdoor Environmental
Lighting Guide - VOL 1

Volume One of our information-packed, comprehensive Outdoor Environmental Lighting Guide.

Outdoor Environmental
Lighting Guide - VOL 2

Volume Two of our information-packed, comprehensive Outdoor Environmental Lighting Guide.