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Binning & LED

White Paper: What is LED binning, why do it, how to measure color temperature, chromacity and more.

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Color Quality & LED

White Paper: Color quality with respect to digital LED lighting, color temperature, CRI and CQS.

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LED Photometric Measurement & Efficiency

White Paper: Relative and absolute photometry measurement and standards for LED luminaires.

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LED - Life & Depreciation

White Paper: IES Standard LM80 and measuring service life and depreciation for LED systems.

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Refractor Materials Used in Outdoor Luminaires

Images and article by R.A. Peterson, PE, on the refractor materials used in outdoor luminaires.

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Historical Lighting

Learn more about how and why period/historical-style lighting is so popular and effective for many municipalities.

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Luminaire Dirt Depreciation

White Paper: Review the issue of luminaire dirt depreciation as it relates to luminaire design and construction.

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Environmental Lighting

White Paper: Review the various cutoff classifications as they pertain to night-sky-friendly outdoor lighting.

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Lighting the Great Out-of-Doors for Functionality and Effect

Article: Defining lighting objectives to create an environment and dramatic effect in your outdoor applications.

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Glass vs. Plastic Reflectors

Article: Learn the pros and cons of specifying glass vs. plastic reflectors in your luminaires.

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Effectively Lighting Wastewater & Water Treatment Facilities

Article: Understand the unique lighting challenges of a demanding environment for a safe and efficient solution.