How to Buy

Bulb 1 Binning & LED
White Paper: What is LED binning, why do it, how to measure color temperature, chromacity and more.
Color Quality LED Color Quality & LED
White Paper: Color quality with respect to digital LED lighting, color temperature, CRI and CQS.
ED Photometric LED Photometric
Measurement & Efficiency
White Paper: Relative and absolute photometry measurement and standards for LED luminaires.
LED Life Depreciation LED - Life & Depreciation
White Paper: IES Standard LM80 and measuring service life and depreciation for LED systems.
Refractor Materials Refractor Materials Used
in Outdoor Luminaries
Images and article by R.A. Peterson, PE, on the refractor materials used in outdoor luminaires.
Bulb 4 Historical Lighting
Learn more about how and why period/historical-style lighting is so popular and effective for many municipalities.
Luminaire Dirt Depreciation
White Paper: Review the issue of luminaire dirt depreciation as it relates to luminaire design and construction.
Environmental Lighting
White Paper: Review the various cutoff classifications as they pertain to night-sky-friendly outdoor lighting.
Lighting the Great Out-of-Doors
for Functionality and Effect
Article: Defining lighting objectives to create an environment and dramatic effect in your outdoor applications.
Glass vs. Plastic Reflectors
Article: Learn the pros and cons of specifying glass vs. plastic reflectors in your luminaires.
Effectively Lighting Wastewater
& Water Treatment Facilities
Article: Understand the unique lighting challenges of a demanding environment for a safe and efficient solution.