Holophane Acorns & Spheres

LED Post-Top Lighting

When it comes to period-style LED post-top lighting, Holophane® offers the industry’s best solutions with a variety of acorn and globe form factors. With robust models reaching up to 20,000 lumens and 160 lumens per watt, our solutions provide the lowest total cost of ownership over a lifetime of up to 20 years. Industry-leading optical design and prismatic glass provide both durability and a visually comfortable appearance often sought after when enhancing your streetscapes.

Holophane's Acorn line of prismatic glass LED post-top lighting in a variety of form factors and trim options.
Holophane's Acorn lighting product called New Gen3 Light Engine with up to 20,000 Lumens and 160 LPW
Holophane's Acorn and Sphere lighting is robust and reliable with a 20 year expected service life.
Holophane's Acorn and Sphere lighting offers cutting edge controls.


  • 50-400 watt HID replacement solutions
  • Prismatic glass or acrylic globes for visual comfort
  • Gen 3 light engine with up to 20,000 lumens and 160 LPW
  • Long system life rated for > 100,000 at 25°C, L70
  • 20kV/10kA extreme surge protection option
  • Multiple distributions for any roadway or area lighting application
  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT available
  • Lunar Optics® option to protect the night skies
  • Utility-friendly design simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Occupancy sensor options for energy saving control
  • Advanced network controls from nLight® and DTL® that optimize your energy and maintenance savings
  • Field-adjustable lumen output module available
  • IP rated construction - IP66 rated glass optical and IP65 rated electrical enclosure
  • OEM Certified Retrofit Kits available for existing Holophane HID (excluding spheres)

Scale and Flexibility in LED Post-tops

Holophane's acorn and sphere lighting product line include four acorn lights and two sphere lights.
Holophane's LED post-top lights line the streets of a residential neighborhood.

Residential Scale Applications

The design of the GranVille® LED and Prismasphere® LED is ideal for installations with mounting heights from 8 to 18 feet such as residential roadways or even walkways. The GranVille LED comes in two sizes to further fine tune the scale in your application. The GranVille Classic suits the 8-12ft range while the larger GranVille Premier is better suited for 10-15ft heights.
A local downtown lines their streets with Holophane's acorn lights.

Urban Scale Applications

The scale and lumen packages of the Washington Postllite® LED and Riverfront LED are ideal for installations with mounting heights from 12 to 25 feet such as downtowns, multi-lane roads or parking areas. The acorn-shaped Washington Postlite LED is available with prismatic globes in either glass or acrylic. The large spherical Riverfront LED comes in glass only and features decorative bands and ribs.
Holophane's acorn lights are offered in multiple color temperatures from cool to warm to optimize for visual comfort.

Easy on the Eyes

Holophane sparkling prismatic optics are designed to be aesthetically appealing by day and visually comfortable by night. They are available in a variety of color temperature to meet the needs of your application. Standard offering in all models is 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT.

Our prismatic acorns are also available with a completely redesigned Lunar Optics ® option. This feature helps preserve our night skies by reducing uplight and sky glow.

Decorative Housings

Holophane LED post-top acorns and spheres offer a host of attractive decorative housings to configure with our LED post-top lighting products. Refer to the chart below to determine which housing style is available for each of our acorn and sphere product series.

Holophane's LED post-top acorn and sphere lighting are offered with six different housing options - simple, leaf classic, utility, utility leaf, enhanced, and state street.



Cost-saving Controls

Holophane takes its Gen 3 design to another level with the addition of several new controls capabilities to provide additional application flexibility and energy savings.

In addition to the standard internal 7-pin photocontrol receptacle and host of DTL dusk-to-dawn photocontrols, we have added a new optional receptacle inside the glass refractor globe. This permits a clean radio signal to be used via optional wireless network controls from our DTL® or nLight AIR® brands.

The optional nLight AIR system can provide a sophisticated network of luminaires that can talk to each other while also picking up movement via rSBOR occupancy sensors.

Case Study Video:
El Paso, Texas

In addition to products from American Electric Lighting® and Acuity Controls®, the city of El Paso, Texas utilized the Washington Postlite® LED in their recent lighting renovation. Watch this informative video to learn how the city reduced operational costs while improving the quality of light for their citizens and visitors.

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