Military Bases Solutions

The Holophane® brand provides the optimal solutions for reliable, energy-efficient lighting to help enhance military base security through improved illumination.


Indoor Military Base Solutions

From hangar and barracks to office, maintenance and sports facilities, Holophane® indoor solutions provide reliable, energy-efficient indoor lighting to help keep you operational.

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Indoor Lighting and Controls

Holophane® indoor lighting and controls solutions can help reduce your electricity costs while providing a responsive (dimming, occupancy and daylight sensing) environment for your personnel.

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Indoor Military Base Applications

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Hangar Lighting
Holophane® LED high bays provide high lumens and high CRI and can withstand high ambient temperatures, contributing to optimal working conditions in aircraft maintenance hangars.

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Maintenance Facilities
Our efficient LED luminaires provide the right quantity and quality of light needed for a brighter and productive work environment.

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Holophane® LED high bays are built to withstand the rigors of a gymnasium while providing energy efficiency, low maintenance and high-lumen, quality illumination.

Indoor Featured Products

Outdoor Military Base Solutions

Outdoor lighting for military bases spans across a broad range of products and applications, ranging from roadway and area lighting to perimeter security and even residential lighting.

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Outdoor Lighting and Controls

We have reliable, energy-efficient LED solutions for any outdoor application on your base. These solutions can help enhance base security and safety through improved visibility while helping lower related operational costs.

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Outdoor Military Base Applications

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Ports and Shipyards
Holophane can efficiently address any large-area lighting needs you may have, such as those typical to Navy ports and shipyards where tall mounting heights and wide pole spacing are requirements.

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Motor Pools and Maintenance
We can provide your motor-pool and vehicle-service areas with lighting and controls solutions to help enhance safety and security through increased visibility and help reduce lighting-related operating costs.

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Roadways on your base can easily be addressed with our LED roadway lighting solutions, such as the Mongoose® LED or HMAO™ LED Series, that offer high uniformity and efficacy.

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Base Housing
We offer a large variety of decorative post-top LED luminaires that can enhance your base housing communities with an attractive daytime aesthetic and visually comfortable nighttime illumination.

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Parking Lot and Garage
For parking lots and parking garages, our reliable, energy-efficient lighting solutions can improve illumination, helping enhance safety and visual comfort for drivers and pedestrians.

Outdoor Featured Products


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Military Base Lighting Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor LED lighting and controls solutions for a variety of applications on military bases.

Fort Benning Case Study Video

Case study video featuring a range of Holophane and AEL outdoor lighting solutions at the Fort Benning army base in Georgia.

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Outdoor Controls Lighting Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor lighting controls and LED luminaires from Acuity Brands.

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Streets & Highways Lighting Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor LED lighting and controls solutions for a variety of street & highway applications.