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Indoor Commercial Solutions

The Holophane® product portfolio of LED office lighting and controls provides solutions for the changing needs of the work environment.

Indoor Lighting and Controls

Holophane® indoor LED lighting and controls solutions help you provide a well-illuminated work environment with controllability. The combination enhances the versatility of the evolving work space.
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Indoor Commercial Applications

Task Lighting

Task lighting products let you place light where you need it most – to provide the best visibility in the work area.

Open Offices

Lighting controls and zone configurations help provide a solution for modular, reconfigurable work areas used for a variety of purposes requiring flexible illumination.

Stairwell and Corridor

Small-space lighting such as strip lights and emergency lighting provides paths of egress with regulated illumination and emergency power back-up so they are illuminated when you need them.


Commercial Featured Products

HZL1N LED Strip Light

The HZL1N LED strip light delivers the look of a traditional low-profile fluorescent strip. It is available in 2’, 4’ and 8’ lengths for continuous-row mounting and in 1,500- to 14,000-lumen packages.

HDI LED Troffer

HDI LED luminaries with basket-style optics offer indirect, low-glare, ultra-efficient illumination for today’s commercial buildings. Choose from optic styles, multiple sizes and lumen packages.

Magellan QM LED Emergency Combo Unit

The Magellan QM LED combo unit is ideal for applications requiring both exit and emergency lighting. Its streamlined height makes the combo unit a great fit for above-the-door and other tight-fit applications.

Outdoor Commercial Solutions

The Holophane® brand offers a wide variety of outdoor lighting solutions for commercial applications including wall packs, floodlights and parking area lighting.

Outdoor Lighting and Controls

Networked controls can be added in your Holophane outdoor lighting design, allowing you to schedule dimming and perform monitoring and diagnostics that can help you further reduce your energy costs.

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Outdoor Commercial Applications

Access and Service Roads

Access and service roads in office parks and campuses can be illuminated with roadway products that can provide up to 70% energy savings over HID while reducing maintenance by at least 50%.

Parking Lot and Garage

For parking lots and parking garages, our reliable, energy-efficient lighting solutions can improve illumination, helping enhance safety and visual comfort for drivers and pedestrians.

Building Exteriors

Our Wallpack LED product line provides low-maintenance, energy-efficient solutions for building exteriors and doorways throughout the entire site.

Outdoor Featured Products


Parkpak® LED

With energy savings up to 50% over HID and expected service life over 20 years, the Parkpak LED luminaire excels at meeting the challenges associated with parking garage and canopy lighting.

Mongoose® LED Medium

The Mongoose LED luminaire provides significant energy and maintenance savings compared to HID luminaires and offers the ultimate in application flexibility for area lighting.

Wallpack Full Cutoff LED

The Wallpack Full Cutoff LED luminaire provides reliability, features and performance worthy of the Holophane name.



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