The Holophane® brand excels at providing large-area lighting solutions, including ones for challenging applications encountered in rail yards, subway tunnels, stations and parking lots. These lighting applications inherently involve high mounting heights and wide luminaire spacing. Our robust LED luminaires are highly engineered to meet such lighting challenges with design and materials that not only perform beyond expectations but that do so with unparalleled reliability.

Lighting Solutions for Transportation Systems

Lighting Controls for Transportation Systems – Maximize Your Return


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Holophane Lighting - Loading dock
nLight® Networked Lighting Controls Platform
A single lighting controls platform for indoor and outdoor spaces

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Holophane Lighting - Parking lot
DLL Series by Dark to Light
Photocontrol for supporting long life and low maintenance

Featured Solutions for Your Transportation System


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Holophane Lighting - Subway in city
Cyclone Deco-Functional Outdoor Luminaires
AEL Autobahn Roadway & Area Lighting

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Holophane Lighting - outdoor
HMS Lowering Devices by Holophane

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Holophane Lighting - Train Station
nLight® AIR Wireless Lighting Control Solution

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