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Indoor Water Treatment Solutions

Reliability and performance are key concerns in all demanding applications such as water treatments systems and wastewater treatment plants.


Indoor Lighting & Controls

Acuity Brands wet location family of products is designed with the highest quality materials to ensure long life and performance in the
a new degree of light control. Our computer-aided design capabilities allow us to meet any lighting task with the best refractor or reflector for that task.
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Indoor Water Treatment Applications

Lift/pump stations
In demanding industrial spaces, it's essential to have high-quality, reliable lighting where maintenance and safety are added concerns. Holophane® luminaires are designed to protect internal components and optimize lighting performance.
Labs and maintenance areas
Industrial task lighting products let you place light where you need it most — to aid safety, quality control and operator productivity.
Flocculation, aeriation & clarifier areas
LED luminaires and controls designed and certified to operate safely in wet environments provide the ideal solution for water treatment facilities.
Corridors and Stairwells
Small-space lighting such as strip lights and emergency lighting provides paths of egress with regulated illumination and emergency power back-up so they are illuminated when you need them.
Emergency & Exit lighting
It's about life. Our emergency lighting solutions help meet your application requirements (NFPA 101 Life Safety Code compliance, aesthetics, demanding environment, etc.) while offering easy installation and maintenance.


Indoor Featured Products

Petrolux® PXLW LED LED Low Bay

Weighing in at a mere 18-pounds, the rugged, Petrolux® PXLW LED round low bay is the optimal cost-efficient, low weight, feature-packed solution for the demanding environments where dust, dirt and moisture are a concern.

Vantage® LED

The Vantage LED luminaire exceeds rigorous demands of food-processing plants and related areas. Its sloped shape and ultra-sleek corrosion-resistant finish repel water and provide no place for food, dirt or debris to hide.

Magellan QM LED Emergency Combo

The Magellan QM LED combo unit is ideal for applications requiring both exit and emergency lighting. Its streamlined height makes the combo unit a great fit for above-the-door and other tight-fit applications.

Outdoor Water Treatment Solutions

With the superior design, optics and construction of our outdoor LED lighting and controls solutions, we can satisfy the most challenging water and wastewater treatment applications.

Outdoor Lighting and Controls

From our high-mast lighting systems for large outdoor areas to our lighting products for flood, building and parking applications, we can provide solutions that help with safety, productivity and operating costs.

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Outdoor Water Treatment Applications

Outdoor Areation
and Processing

Our durable high-mast systems are engineered to maximize pole spacing while providing high uniformity and visual clarity in outdoor processing areas where safety and productivity are critical.

Building Exteriors

Our Wallpack LED product line provides low-maintenance, energy-efficient solutions for building exteriors and doorways throughout the entire facility.

Access and Service Roads

Access and service roads inside and outside your complex can be illuminated with roadway products that can provide up to 70% energy savings over HID while reducing maintenance by at least 50%.

Parking Lots

From high-mast systems to traditional cobra-head or flood luminaires, we can provide you a wide array of LED solutions suited specifically to the size and shape of your facility parking areas.

Outdoor Featured Products



The innovative Holophane HMAO LED III uses a modular chip design to provide a light-weight solution with up to 77% energy savings and 50% maintenance savings over traditional HID high-mast products.

Predator® LED

With three sizes and multiple lumen packages, the Predator LED flood luminaire provides significant energy and maintenance savings compared to HID luminaires in crane lighting and other flood applications.

Wallpack LED

Ever since Holophane invented and trademarked the very first Wallpack luminaire, we have been offering visually comfortable, prismatic wall-mounted luminaires that outperform our competition.



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