PetroChem Lighting

Providing durable and high-performance lighting to address safety regulations and worker productivity.


PetroChem facilities must have lighting systems that create a functional environment that are durable, safe, and productive, while providing several solutions for various lighting applications. Understanding the need of keeping your facility up and running 24/7, our long lasting and low maintenance solutions ensure flexible and swift fixture replacement to satisfy a quick turnaround. Rely on our solutions to provide a safer and more secure environment throughout your facility while helping lower operational costs.

PetroChem Lighting Solutions

Understanding the need for a quick turnaround to upkeep and meet lead times, you can look to us for reliable products that will aid in safety, promote productivity, provide durability, and are cost effective, with support from a factory direct sales force. Leverage some of the world’s most respected brands in lighting and intelligent spaces and choose from over 2 million product configurations to meet the needs of any PetroChem facility. Explore our product recommendations for each space.

Featured Solutions for Your PetroChem Environment

Petrolux Family
Hazardous Ratings
XVOLT Protection by Holophane
Is Your Project Ready for UL 924 Standards?

Enhancing Spaces for Hazardous Applications

Holophane Hazardous Lighting Guide
Industrial Product Portfolio Guide
Holophane Life Safety FAQs

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